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Local Food
Our Farms
What’s important about the Local Food / Farm to Table movement is that it is helping galvanize local communities: With our techno-driven, insular world that makes us hungry to experience a reconnection with vital life force of the earth in the form of high quality food from good soil and camaraderie of people sharing carefully cultivated local delicacies. 

This is a given—not a passing fad. The migration from low-quality, unsustainable, factory-farmed meats and produce in favor of fresh, local, clean, nutrient and flavor rich bounties is solid.

We have three locations: Fiesta Park behind the ball field and the South side of John Mall High School, which is also the site of our greenhouse. We also have vegetable beds and chickens in LaVeta. 

Together we can challenge the global industrial/factory farm food system that undermines health, community, the earth and animals. Together we can build local sustainable economy and food secuirity for our community.

O.N.E.  = Organizing New Economy
Building Unique Systems
The BUS, Walsenburg School building, is a vehicle for creating capacity to build a new system or economy. Local food is the first economy of any society. A food Innovation District is a centralized geographic area with a high concentration of food businesses. Based on Ubuntu contributionism, people can earn a seat on the bus and live rent free in exchange for farming, cooking, baking, caring for goats and chickens, making cheese, yogurt etc ., canning, farm market, juice bar, or for other food related business incubation.


District           is a Non-Profit Charitable 501(c)3


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Our Mission In Action
Our mission is to promote Economic Development by revitalizing the Local Food Economy: To create a complete local food system, with food business incubation and education.