The B.U.S.
Building United Society
There is a seat on the BUS for everyone.
At this time we are looking for individuals who can help with construction, framing, renovations, framing, plumbing, and electrical. In March 2019 we will need 2 cooks and 2 farm managers.
The Walsenburg school building is 13,000 sq.ft with six additional lots to be used to create One Small Town Projects including housing for contributors, food related business incubation
We are in the beginning stages and there is a lot of work to be done to make the building inhabitable for more people. Here is a real opportunity for hands on contribution; either physically, if you have the skills that are needed at this time  or financially to help make this a domino that will start this new paradigm.
  1. New Roof
    We should be able to do this ourselves for $12,000
  2. Interior Reno
    Materials and dumpster fees about $5,600
  3. The Mortgage
    We have 12 months to raise $97,000
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Executive Director Introduces District One & The BUS